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When we again come into contact with the parts of ourselves 

that have been hidden, disowned and rejected,

we enter into a process of real healing and true spiritual awakening.

I can not tell you what to do, nor can I fix your wounds, but I can hold an open, curious space and guide you towards the place inside yourself where you can find your own well of resources and healing powers.

I can teach you about trauma, how it works and how to understand and relate to it.

Understanding what we are going through can in itself be healing, as we no longer need to be ashamed of what we experience. 


With my work I aim to

- Teach about what trauma is and how it affects us, so that we can understand what is happening to us from the right perspective,

- Show how it is possible to find a feeling of safety in our own bodies again, so that it may be a safe home to live in,

- Give guidance in how to process strong emotions and strong waves of energy,

- Be a supporting element in the process of opening up to and integrating difficult feelings that have been shut down,

- Assist you in reconnecting with your resources and building more capacity for contact and relationships,

- Offer encouragement to express and manifest your authentic self,

We can not change the past, but we can change how the past affects our present. 

About Me

Kno mor about my work

My life has not been straight forward. Often have I felt lost and meaningless. Often have I been stuck without knowing how I should move forward. But looking back, I see that these times have also often been important times in my life, because this is when I have been pushed to search for answers and directions. Often have I reached out for help and support from various teachers and healing practitioners, and when I have had the courage to do that, I have always learned a lot about myself and my life. It is my desire to offer you this same chance to explore and discover yourself. 

I work non-cathartic. I believe in containment and integration rather than "getting rid of ". Many of us have been taught to strive for perfection and that has often meant discarding the parts of us that were not seen as 'good enough', parts that were not accepted. I would like to offer these parts a welcome back and negotiate their integration into a new present. 

I am pro expression in all its forms - but in a contained way. Trauma happens when what we experience is more than we can handle. Re-experiencing overwhelm can very easily re-traumatize. I want to guide you to a place where you can feel that you are the master of your inner world. 

You can read about my professional trainings and certifications here.



"Janaki is a compassionate person and it is easy to feel trust in her presence. I always feel lighter after a session with her, more at ease, and I see the effects spreading out in to the situations in my life. Thanks to the sessions with her I feel better and more able to be in contact with people and express my energy."

Esila, Turkey

"You are a very special person to me and our sessions are very special to me. I think everyone should have some sessions like this to explore their topics and become more conscious of themselves and feel better with them selves. Thank you."

Bara, Brno

"Wonderful Janaki! I couldnt think of anyone better to offer such a beautiful combination of skill, knowledge, feeling and empathy!​"

Mirja. Köln

"It was a very pleasant session. I did not know what to expect but I was feeling pleasantly surprised by the way I was met and felt seen and the way we kept being on the relevant points of my topic."

Jitka, Brno

"In the sessions with you I feel safe and able to connect with some inner experiences which I have not felt before. It is a interesting and also joyful experience. I am looking forward to keep finding new places in myself to connect with."

Anna, Berlin

"This approach to healing is very interesting to me as I feel the dept its effects due to the body-orientation and the way we constantly seek to find and ground the experiences in the body. It is something special."

Dawid, Krakov

"Janaki is a great person and very trustworthy - I wish her all the best."

Martina, Köln

tiger round.JPG

Somatic Experiencing is a trauma healing module that understands the underlying physiology of trauma. Trauma sits in the body and therefore the process of healing and resolving trauma must access the body.

SE seeks to bring stability to our underlying system. Just like a house built on a shaky foundation can not weather any storms, a dysregulated nervous system can not contain the ups and downs of life. 

Throughout an SE session, we will focus a lot on noticing and listening to your body sensations, so as to recognize where your energy is stuck and what needs to be completed in order to free that energy and bring you out of the stuckness back into the flow of life. 

NeuroAffective Relation Model understands how early trauma affects our self-image and capacity for relationships. Trauma does not only come from the bad things that happen to us, but also from the good things that should have happened - but did not. 

As human beings we are wired for connection and when we struggle to form meaningful relationships with others our life quality suffers dramatically.

In a NARM session I hold a safe space and help you explore: your sense of identity, your relationship to your self, the way in which you relate to and form relationships with others, as well as your relationship to your needs, your emotions, your truths and your sexuality.

All the time we make space for anything that comes from inside you to the surface and give time for completion of responses and integration of information.

Yoga in Healing Trauma

"A steady yoga practice has proven to be more effective in the role of healing trauma, than any medication researched." 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bessel van der Kolk

Because trauma is in the body, working with the body is imperative in the process of healing trauma. No amount of talking is in itself sufficient to bring our physiology from the frozen stuckness of trauma and back into life. 

A steady yoga practice that is trauma oriented and follows your pace and your needs is an extremely powerful tool, which you have in your own hands, on your journey of healing your trauma and awakening. 

Together we can develop a practice that suits your particular needs, and I will teach you how to practice - because in yoga, how we practice is at least as important as what we practice. 

Contact me to book a trauma coaching session or to make a personalized yoga practice.

Feel free to contact me in full confidentiality with any questions or queries you may have, 

I'll be happy to answer to the best of my ability. 

You can reach me on 731 761 359 (I have bad reception at my house so if you can't reach me by phone, try Whatsapp)

Or write me an email:

Or message me on facebook

You can also reach me through the contact form. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Contact Me

Offers and prices

You can read more about my offers and prices here.

Opletalova 6 / Gorkeho 44

602 00 Brno

731 761 359

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