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I have always found myself interested in the healing arts, in human development and in the

esoteric aspects of our being. My path has been steadily moving along that road. 

I am originally from Norway, but my own journey of healing and self discovery started for real in a

yoga ashram in India in 2003. It was at a time when I was feeling out of place in myself and my life

lacked a sense of meaning. This ashram experience was to change my life forever.

I discovered a journey inwards to myself and I finally found a connection to my own inner truths

that made sense to me. There I also received my spiritual name: Janaki. 

My yoga practice is still a big part of my life. It keeps me healthy, and ever since I started

practicing regularly I have not felt the deep hopelessness or the depressive states that I suffered

from previously. In order to go deeper into healing my own trauma, I also delved into the western

scientific approaches to mind and body, to trauma and trauma healing, and I have gained a deeper understanding of the functions of the brain and the nervous system - the role of our nervous system in trauma, as well as in human connection and relationships.  

I am passionately discovering how the mind and body is working in unison and where the eastern philosophy and western science meet to fulfill each other in profound ways - uncovering this wonder of being human! 

I have traveled a lot, through Europe and Asia. I have met many cultures and lived many places. I have successfully worked in therapeutic practices both in London and Berlin. Now I am happy to have landed in Brno with my Czech partner.  


My passions extend to all sorts of creative and self-expressive activities such as singing, dancing, playing music and theater. I enjoy writing and drawing, and also working in our wonderful garden. 


In my work I love to experience how transformation happens in the process and to accompany it with attention and gentleness. 

I am deeply touched by being allowed to be present and share in the experience - it is a gift to support the unfolding of your own beauty and authenticity.


I offer my work on the background of the following education, training and work experience:

Trauma and therapeutic trainings:

 - Somatic Experiencing (SE) (Trauma healing by Dr. Peter A. Levine)

 - Developmental and relational trauma (NARM by Dr. Laurence Heller)

 - Emotional trauma completion (NARM)

 - Couple therapy (NARM)

 - Trauma and touch (work by Sonia Gomes)

 - Yoga psychology (as by Bihar School of Yoga)

Bodywork trainings:

 - Healing sexual trauma (developed through tantric massages and touchwork)

 - Holistic massage training (ITEC - Body basics, London)

 - Deep tissue massage training (Gateway workshops, London)

 - LomiLomi massage training (Way of therapy, London)

 - Meridian and energy pathway bodywork (YinYang massage as by Andro)

 - Tantra Massage (Diamond Lotus, Berlin)

Yogic trainings:

 - Yoga teacher training (Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe (SYAE))

 - Yoga Certification and deepening courses (Bihar School of Yoga)

 - Ashram life and yogic living studies (Satyananda Yoga Ashram Greece)

 - Management of various ailments and disorders through yogic sciences (SYAE)

Self developed:

 - Yogic bodywork for physical ailments

 - Trauma informed yoga practice

 - Connecting the understanding of western science and yogic physiology and philosophy

Working experience:

 - Individual trauma coaching sessions since 2016

 - Yoga teacher since 2014

 - Body worker since 2010

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