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Yoga therapy

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Yoga is a vast body of practices that, when done correctly, and with the proper knowledge of anatomy and physiology, are designed to create optimal health and balance throughout the whole system: body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit.

When choosing the right practices for your specific ailments, complaints and needs, yoga can be a powerful tool in correcting physical imbalances and disorders. 

Yogic practices has proven effective in the work with areas such as:

 - spinal difficulties and dis-alignments,

 - sciatic nerve issues,

 - slipped disc,

 - rheumatism and join issues,

 - postural corrections,

 - digestive disorders,

 - asthma,

 - hyper tension,

 - high blood pressure,

 - sleeplessness,

 - headaches,

 - some eye disorders,

 - eating disorders,

and more.

The power of yoga comes not only from the practices themselves but from the awareness and attention with which the practices are performed. Appropriate knowledge of where to place awareness and how to move with the breath is essential. Therefore it is recommended that any practices should be learned from a competent teacher. 

Together we can look at your individual and specific needs, and develop a series of practices that will best suit and support you in your healing process. 

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