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What is trauma?

Key words in defining a trauma is: too much, too fast, and for too long a time.

Trauma is overwhelm and stuckness in a particular biological response, either physiological, emotional or mental. 
A trauma is created when life experiences are too much to safely integrate and digest.
This results in energy remaining trapped in the body causing symptoms, and parts of our authentic self being split off and survival patterns take over.

"Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness."

Peter A. Levine 

What kind of situations cause trauma?
We will always respond to life in our own unique and individual way and there is no blueprint as to what creates a trauma and who gets it. 
At a level we all carry a certain amount of traumatic material with us. 
Basically a trauma can be created by the "bad things which do happen" and "the good things which should happen, but don't."
Even as simple as the stress many of us constantly live with can be too much, to intense, for too long time, and become traumatic.

Why choose a body oriented therapist?

Because a trauma sits in the nervous system rather than in the event which created it, accessing the knowledge of the body is vital to resolving the roots of the trauma. 
The body holds memory and information and often tells the whole story where the cognitive mind can not reach.


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